GrubMarket presents at the F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit




You might want to go to the exchange and trade heart open so maybe by the end of my presentation. I’ll tell things Oh John I’m making more than 50% well actually we don’t have any tokens right now so anyone about go monument with lunch in May 2014 we raised four traditional VC earners our headquarter is in San Francisco and that we are a farm-to-table food companies we do business director business this is direct to consumers we have more than half persons of warehouse in California in San Francisco in LA we also have temporary warehouse in Hawaii and other part the United States a yeast of this warehouse generating more than a million dollars revenue sum of a multi-million dollar every three months and some are normal customers who grew upon the building confidence and we also ship cross border to Ali Baba OJE we should direct me to Whole Foods and veg 19 hours we also shoot the words face to Apple we are the exclusive contractor we work on this and we also ship to Western associates and we also have obviously our e-commerce website where our general Suman with far website so we come up with the concept of a multiplexing solutions for our industry we are with sebastian company so our solutions for the Poussin fashion industry basically they are two major actions that we have the first action is to maintain the suffice chain balance in the Food Network and it’s gonna be a mission as from a pilot and the second action will be using two ten minute optimum solutions and this one for me in a way is coming boss public and private auction the reason we have commissioned invited those who he was called actions because we are BtoB company and a lot of business a lot of action solution will be based on a b2b path lines so a lot of us are actually sensitive and only reviewed by the state but the has evidence of all those data will be beast expect initiative is centralized in the network and our current market rates go market atoms actually production for many years and Kearney centralized but anybody in Korea store in our marketplace and this islands and mines credit card PayPal as well as three coins and of course now we have new additional payment methods we are at the Uni platform is also in production for s two months and this factor K one is what we call a customer relationship management as well as an inventory management that works for our wholesale distributors in this platform now we can attend elementary warehouse they can also purchase and fulfill their inventory Islands so in order to check and to provide actual information on our inventories as well as to ability of payment transactions we also have to build a couple hours first of all we go we are in the process of building a mobile application where it’s gonna be GPS and tracking and in each warehouse this will be a point of transaction however that is responsible for all to complete the transaction every single hours will be sterilized and still be secure connection network as product note and lastly we are also prototyping now on warehouse autonomous robots and this is a night the robots euros even like Amazon was eighty this particular robots for the food supply chain industry by does this is employee it’s a method by de power and ease ease by using the computer vision technology is simply looking at the warehouse condition they stones trying to check a modder the actual quantity as well as the quality of our piece so yes we’ll have our own topics and our tokens actually both are security tokens as well as this token also we’ll have some utility functionality first our program will be used you can use in our marketplace and you can use how to purchase food abuse as well as for business to process business transaction and we also have membership tires so we can provide discount as well as it’s going to be a financial system while business to ensure that evidence wear with a business and trade with each other as partners and that’s the as security tokens the revenue is generated by providing our management platform as well as all the transaction is that we got from our marketplace is to return to our total so here is just architectural summary I’m not gonna you know give you too much detail outlet again this is a multi ship environments back with artificial intelligence platforms and to summarize 12 audiences as the company which is honor we are moving all our transactions into actions so what’s that mean what that means is we are actually going to put this back changes in productions it’s gonna be monstrously more than 10 million dollars a month right away our goal is to become reduction leader in the food supply chain industry we want to solve the complex carbon in the food supply chain industry as well as to relieve the legacy technology that is in the issues surprisingly more than 80 percent not 80 or 90 percent still using them thanks a lot paper so if I interesting talking to us you can visit my boost outside or you can just send us an email at Bastion. Thank you very much.

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