Seasteading Institute presents Blue Frontiers at the F50 Synergy Blockchain Summit


I’ve been with the seasteading Institute since about 2011 I have a company called blue frontiers blue frontiers is going to build see steps inside sea zones I’m going to use a cryptocurrency called very hungry which I’m going to tell you about but by 2021 you could have a floating house in an independent semi autonomous community in a beautiful Lagoon just like that and let’s see this with pleasure so there will be a video hopefully in a second push backwards well here’s at the video our project was the CSUN Institute was started here in Silicon Valley who’s furthest he studied before one two three once upon a time I went to the very first Bitcoin conference that was here in San Jose was in 2013 before we had blockchain conferences and I would go out and say who’s heard of C stay and everybody knew was he said it was because what we’re trying to do is decentralize the world in the real world not just in the world of bits so only 180 national currencies to solve humanity’s Grand Challenges we need innovative governance as fluid as own world blue frontiers the first sustaining company is proud to announce a very open a token of exchange to increase variation in governance blue 20 years is a team of more than a hundred professionals working to build sustainable systems that adapt to sea level rise and offer unique in governing frameworks the sea stands the visit the C zone is the legal platform and baryon is the way to buy goods and services and people in tears in Bristol if you want to buy a red space of C stead you will do so with area if you want to register your business or become a virtual resident and a blue frontiers season you will do suburb area if you will vary on you have a statement of future we choose Marriott because of the floating world of the future we value variation and governance freedom of mobility transparency inclusiveness and choice finance can be fair and governance can be trustworthy stop arguing start discovery with blues when teams together we will demonstrate how decentralized voluntary societies work free and see I hope you appreciated our little video I may be except the one I’ll say myself so you get want to see status for us as a homestead of the seas this design was done by our Dutch engineers for us we want to make sea steps that are sustainable that will last out in this sea for hundreds of years that you know process their own ways their own larger energy and they have some kind of autonomy in their way they are governed the other part of our project is creating a technology that can be resistant to rising seas so there’s ten thousand communities that are going to lose their homes in the coming years the coming decades is about a hundred million dollar the damage is going to be happening so we want to create this technology that we can deploy all around the world to people who will need this as a opportunity to have a life back for themselves for us a season is a special economic zone at sea and we will negotiate these seasons with most nations though allow us to have some regulatory opportunities that are unique to each season we’ve identified the 51 countries around the world it would be suitable for hosting the seasons and weren’t very pleased with the contact with each of those countries or looking for places that have access to Internet airports seaports in supply chains and some kind of underutilized Bay their body of water is behind the reef break so we’re not the open ocean to deploy our for sea steps and what the host nation gives from us is they get economic activity environmental benefits social and societal benefits and then we get some kind of autonomy so the first place we will probably do this is in French Polynesia as snap the ocean they just put internet flights from San Francisco you can fly to Tahiti now overnight seven hours for 700 bucks round trip this is me last year signing the agreement with the government in French Polynesia since we started the project we’ve put a million dollars in to prove frontiers before that we had ten years of the nonprofit for two million dollars in over that time as the season Institute we’ve got a whole body of work design engineering environmental legal economic business development and we have a global community of thousands of people that want to come to live on these versity steps so we get inquiries every day that people want to be the first people that come to live and the sea steps it’s a nascent market nobody else is in it our first project we want to build how about 300 people about a dozen platforms though cost us about 16 billion dollars about $200,000 per person people think is cheap up you’re not paying for land you can be competitive a place of waiting because Silicon Valley so it’s important to us that we’re modular each one of these islands can be salient to another Island that’s a whole part of the big decentralization idea you don’t like a neighbor to sale house her you don’t like your government sale elsewhere and we also will go to base camp on land River to take out our first project so the team that started this was the executive team from the CFA Institute we’ve got more than under professionals project 19 on staff very on our token is used for staking your residents if you want to come live in one of our seasons you have to stake Arianna and you can also be required for the auctioning off of our goods and services and when you stake your Marriott you can participate in the governance about the seasons so we can create this certain that our economy by raising enough money now to sell off the very first C steps and then kick-start the economy after that we won’t have to race again that’s my team of founders there’s five of us I’m almost out of time so we’re just rush through things here these are my advisers our advisors we have people from blockchain one of them I know mark struggled with one of the founders here about 50 he’s joined our team and last parker’s big money is coming to our group now we just started our sales but Arrington XRP capital and chain fund they’ve come on board and we now have an opportunity for other investors in our presale we get lots of media thousands of the media it’s just this year all around the world these are some of the bigger names to recap we are addressing two problems one is a laugh governess and by building new societies at sea we can create new opportunities for people who are seeking these and secondly there’s a giant market for people are going to lose lay on the rising seas and we can provide them the life raft so I hope that you’ll learn more about virion and I’ll take some questions all right how do you invest a lot of things I think you just read leopard 1 for any questions see one where we’re looking to get kevin costner from Waterworld as one of our spokespersons so if there is somebody out there that has a direct connection we would appreciate the expression the question I have is around climate change it’s an important question so for us there’s two things that you want us to choose locations less likely to have hurricanes and second is too dull for them so right now we already have the August well rings are out in the Gulf of Mexico which is a totally pointed hurricanes they don’t take them out during hurricane season they’re built for it so it’s just a matter of designing the islands for the location and when a big storm comes back down the hatches I think c-level are from developing nations yeah can they afford one of the rule for being homes they probably don’t can’t afford the first blue frontiers home but they hopefully can afford the SAP mm so think of the tesla model but at first they put out the sports car and now they’re putting out cars for middle income people and I expect us to go on the same path so we got a few decades to work on that hopefully we won’t take a snap go on but we want to manufacture these islands eventually at a very inexpensive cost what about them Shikoku I may be allowed back to I’ve have a secondary home in summary and the question is can this be a second home yeah well if I understand the question I think that there’s you know thousands of people who would like this as a fractional ownership it would go live in a beautiful place like French Polynesia for part of the year we’d like to set these up so that there’s seasonal all around the world and that we’re offering a service or you could spend you know one we get one season another week emergency zone and you can use our service to just you know move the deceased I suppose anybody else have questions.

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